Grand Videoke Rhapsody 3 Pro (TKR-343MP/Plus)


Videoke with Perfect Pitch Interactive Vocal Coach, Voice Commands

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Experience the future of singing with the ALL NEW Grand Videoke Rhapsody 3 Pro.
  • The First with Perfect Pitch™ Interactive Vocal Coach: Gives real-time feedback and 4-Point Scoring System that shows your Key/Rhythm, Vibrato, Upband & Downband scores.
  • GV Smart App for Android and iPhone/iPad: Push the boundaries of fun and interaction. Connect up to 4 smartphones to the main unit.
  • The First with GV Air Transfer: Send fun messages, use own pictures as background, save recorded songs or take screenshots of score and share on social media.
  • The First with Direct Song Download with GV Song Update: Download songs anytime, anywhere. Add new songs to your smartphone via the GV Smart App for Android and iPhone/iPad, and easily sync them to the Grand Videoke’s built-in storage. No more Song Packs!
  • The First with GV Voice Command+: Find songs in seconds on the GV Smart App. Just say the song title or artist name and sing!
  • Professional Wired Mics: Effortless singing with dual wired mics
  • HD+ Audio & Full HD Video: Equipped with Dream Sound Module for more realistic & detailed sound. Visually stunning video backgrounds all in glorious Full HD 1080p.
  • Lyric Videos: Sing to new videos with animated lyrics.
  • Media Player: Play your favorite movies, music and pictures.
  • 16GB Secured Internal Storage
  • 1-Year Warranty
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