Samsung AW09AYHGAWKNTC Airconditioner

1HP Window Type Inverter

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Key Features:

• Fast Cooling
• Digital Inverter
• Anti-Bacterial Filter
• Auto Mode
• Dehumidifier
• Timer
• Sleep Mode
• Dirty Filter Alarm
• Soft Start Mode
• 5-Year Warranty Compressor


Capacity (Cooling, W) 2640 W
Capacity (Cooling, kJ/h) 9500 kJ/h
Power Input (Nominal) Cooling 825 W
Current Input (Nominal) Cooling 3.8 W
Power Input (Rated) Cooling 1200 W
Current Input (Rated) Cooling 6 W
Energy Efficiency
EER (Cooling, W/W) 3.20 W/W
EER (Cooling, Btu/hW) 10.92 Btu/hW
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Discharge Side 4.3 Mpa
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure for the Suction Side 2.5 Mpa
Maximum Allowable Pressure 4.7 Mpa
Climate Type T1
Isolation I
Moisture Protection IPX4
Noise Level Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L, dBA) 54/51/49 dBA
Electrical Data Power Source(Φ/V/Hz) 1 / 230 / 60
Physical specification
Package Dimension (WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 623×425×806 mm
Net Dimension (WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜) 560×375×708 mm
Gross Weight (kg) 46 kg
Net Weight(kg) 43 kg
Loading Quantity (20’ Container) 125
Loading Quantity (40’ Container) 260
Loading Quantity (40’ High Cube Container) 312
Technical Information
Refrigerant (Type) R32
Refrigerant (Charging, kg) 0.55 kg
Low Ambient (Cooling, ℃) 18~43 ℃
Compressor Type Rotary
Filter 3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Filter Yes
Remote Controller Yes
24-Hour Timer Yes
Dirty Filter Alarm Yes
Operating Mode
Auto Mode Yes
Good Sleep Yes
Dehumidification Yes
Auto Swing (Horizontal) Yes
Soft Start Mode Yes

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