Carrier FP-53GCVB016-303P XGOLD 3 Airconditioner

2HP XPower Gold 3 Inverter Split Type Airconditioner

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  • P1.50/Hr Electric Consumption – Average Cost Based On An 8-Hour Test Conducted At The Environmental Lab, Using 1.0 HP, 18 °C Thermostat Setting, High Fan Speed, Night Time Use P9.74/KWH Electricity Rate. Imagine How Much Comfort And Cooling You Will Get At So Little Cost. Carrier XPower Gold 3 Inverter Aircon Consumes Energy At Only P1.50 Per Hour.
  • Save 50% On Maintenance Cost With The Double Clean System – You Don’t Have To Worry About Maintenance Costs. The Carrier XPower Gold 3 Requires Less Frequent Cleaning Due To Its Double Clean System:
  • Unique Magic Coil – Coated With Aqua Resin That Keeps The Coil Clean By Protecting It From Oil And Dust.
  • Self-Cleaning Function – Prevents Build-Up Of Mold And Germs That Cause Odor By Drying The Coil For 30 Minutes Upon Turning The Unit Off.
  • Breathe Clean Air With Advance Nano Filtration System – Provide A Safe Environment For You And Your Family. Carrier XPower Gold 3 Split Type Inverter. Has An Advanced Nanofiltration System That Cleans And Deodorizes The Air.
  • Nano Silver Ginseng – Powerful Deodorizing Filter That Inhibits Growth And Mold In The Air.
  • Nano Photo Copper Zinc – Deactivate Harmful Bacteria, Fungi Gases Or VOCs That Are Emitted By Harmful Substances (Such As Paint, Disinfectant Spray, Pesticide, Etc.) With Its Sterilizing And Deodorizing Power.

Experience The Gold Standard Of Cooling At Its Fullest With These Added Features:

  • 5 Fan Speeds – Choose From Low, Low+, Med, Med+ & High For The Desired Cooling Level
  • Hi-Power Mode – Automatically Controls The Room Temperature And Airflow To Cool The Room Fast.
  • Swing & Fix Louver – Sets The Louver To Swing Or Fixed Position
  • Quiet Mode – The Unit Operates At Super Low Fan Speed For An Almost Silent Operation
  • Eco Mode – The Set Temperature Increases Automatically By One Degree After One Hour, And Another Degree After 2 Hours.
  • Dry Mode – Dehumidifies While Providing Moderate Cooling.
  • 24 On/Off Timer – Programs The Unit To Turn On/Off Every 24 Hours
  • Auto Mode – Automatically Selects ‘Cooling’ Or ‘Fan Only’ Operation
  • Pre-Set Function – Saves The User’s Preferred Pre-Set Operation For Ultimate Convenience.
  • Auto Diagnosis – Displays A Notification When The Unit Has Problems Or Errors To Avoid Further Damage
  • Eco Sleep Timer – Programs Your Aircon To Sleep Mode Before The Set Timer Turns Off.
  • R32 Refrigerant – Save The Environment
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) And Lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) For A Guilt-Free Comfort.



  • Power Supply: 1Ph -230V – 60Hz
  • Capacity: 16,920 (2,988 – 18,000) KJ/Hr
  • Power Input: 1,400 (230 – 1,720)W
  • EER: 12.1 (13.0 – 10.5) KJ/ W-Hr
  • 24 On/Off Timer
  • Eco Sleep Timer
  • Quiet Mode
  • Dry Mode

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