• How to Order using Pick-Up Function

    We're working on more ways to let you get your appliances quicker! Here are the instructions for picking up from our Sheridan Warehouse.

    Checkout process:

    During item checkout, please choose the following on the Delivery Information section:

    • Billing Information:
      • If you will pick up the item, please keep the "Same as Billing Information" checked.
      • If picking up via third-party services such as Lalamove/Mober/Transportify, no need to change the name of delivery recipient. By choosing this option, the customer agress that the booked driver will sign the official invoice on behalf of the customer upon pickup. We will only accept customers for this transaction on payments via Credit Card and Bank Deposit.
      • If picking up via assigned driver / rent-a-car, please un-check the “Same as Billing Information” box and fill out the necessary information. Name should be complete, including middle intial. Customer must provide an authorization letter to the assigned driver / rent-a-car to pick up the item.

    • Address: Please write “Sheridan”
    • Area: Pickup (Sheridan Warehouse)
    • City/Town: Pickup (Sheridan Warehouse)
    • Zip Code: 0000



    Terms and conditions

    • Once a customer has placed an order online at automatic-centre.com, we will reserve the item for three (3) working days from the day we completely verify and notify you of your order availability for pick up.
    • To pick up your item, you may visit our Sheridan Warehouse: Benito Building, 11 Sheridan Street, Mandaluyong City. The warehouse is open from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM only.
    • To claim the unit after order confirmation:
      • The customer must go to our counter in Benito Building 1F (Point A) to pay (if applicable) and sign the official invoice. Customer is required to wear a face mask and undergo temperature checks. Then he/she will be assisted to the Warehouse Releasing Area (Point b) for releasing of the item, as well as necessary testing.
      • For authorized representatives such as drivers and rent-a-car, we will need a letter of authorization from the customer to proceed with the pickup. 
      • For third-party delivery services such as Lalamove, Mober, and Transportify, booking and any charges applicable shall be made by the customer. Driver information should be sent to our AC online team prior to pick up. We’ll take a photo of the item and the driver as well for record keeping purposes.
    • We require all vehicle passengers to wear masks inside our premises. Only one customer will be allowed at any given time at Benito building. Companions are strictly forbidden.
    • Passengers cannot leave their vehicles, unless required, and should follow existing queue in our loading area, if any. We have hygienic protocols in place our employees are wearing masks and follow strict hygienic practices, our areas continuously disinfected.
    • If it is their turn to load the unit, the guard will ask them to park their vehicle in front of our warehouse for easier loading of units.
    • No additional units can be picked up onsite.

    Payment options applicable in Benito Building is Cash only for COD transactions. For Straight Card and Bank deposit, it must be transacted on our website.