Buyers Guide

Delivery lead time is typically between 3 to 7 working days from Mondays to Saturdays within Metro Manila, upon approval and confirmation of order.
1.) 2 Valid IDs with photo and signature.
2.) Approved Email and Order form sent by the Automatic Centre.
Yes, An Authorized representative can claim your delivery. Here our the Requirements:
1.) Order form and approved email by the Automatic Centre.
2.) Signed authorization letter from the Customer.
3.) Clear copy of the Customer’s valid IDs with photo and signature.
4.) Authorized Representative’s valid IDs with photo and signature.
Customer Required to Call our Team. 470-9208/470-9209.
Refund or exchange of item will be perusant to DTI's policies under the Consumer Act of the Philippines. Defective items warranted for return or exchange shall be assessed by an authorized service center for a technical or diagnostic report. In case of return or exchange, customer must do the following:
1.) Provide original sales invoice.
2.) Items must be in the same condition as purchased (in a box, complete accessories, operational and no cosmetic defect).
3.) For return, processing for refund through credit card will be within 15-20 business working days. For exchange, value must be equal to or greater than the original item. If the value exceeds purchased price, customer will settle the difference.
Our delivery crew are not in any capacity to install any item inside your home, nor demonstrate features of the appliance you ordered. Please coordinate with our sales office for installation services and technical demonstrations.